Raees : A Bumpy Ride to the Past

The two blockbusters locking horns with each other  has resulted in a big crisis. For we, the irrepressible movie goers, are having no options but to choose from that tiny platter only and frankly speaking none of the two options allured me much. So to cut the risk elements down, I mixed a dose of nostalgia with my cine going experience. At least if the movie fails, the trip down memory lane might provide me an easy buffer.
The throwaway price of a rear stall ticket in New Empire was enough to get me the feeling of being Raees. 80 in compare to a minimum of 230 was just a handful peas. Plus there was that additional gift of happy ruminations after entering in my favourite place of by gone years after at least 13 to 14 years. And see, the film also seemed to be coming out of that time. The rise of Raees, the sequence of events leading to his fall, the songs and dance sequences and the Eastman colour like look of the film and most importantly the noted departure of mobile phones were everything from the frames of the past. It was as if a continuation of a Deewana, a Baazigar, a Darr or a Ramjaane. Yours truly was never a fan, so to speak, of Shahrukh Khan and more often than not, i voiced for the other Khan camp when a customary debate used to happen. But then also and still now, his star appeal is unbeatable. When he comes, the screen sizzles. And when the appearance drew instantaneous whistles all around, it re affirmed that time didn’t pass.
But, time did pass. Though the film is supposedly portraying that old time with the looks, manners, dialogues et al, time did pass. And sadly the film has nothing to win over the passage of time. Not even King Khan with all his intensity in tact to a T. As it is there is nothing wrong in the film because the parameters of a basic commercial film claim to have these tricks only. There are political networks, tales of betrayal, the undercurrent of terrorism and underworld, a desperate struggle of an incognito to rise his way to fame, love and romance coming in frequent intervals. But in these intervening years there is one Prakash Jha,there is one Vishal Bharadwaj, there is one Sanjay Gupta ( I haven’t seen Kaabil yet),  there is one RamGopal Verma(his Company days of course), there is one Apoorva Lakhiya who have been throwing us quite a handful of films of all these genres. Now Raees doesn’t have any factor to bridge the gulf of these years. Meanwhile multiplexes have come up and you don’t have those SRK fanatics to stand in overnight queue when that eventful Friday comes. These things are sadly limited to the drawing room viewing only with intervening reliefs of commercial breaks.
But of course it came as a nostalgic trip for me in the single screen movie viewing after more than an age. There were whistles, there were claps when SRK mouthed those titillating one liners and there was 30rs chicken patties in the interval instead of a 220 rs tumbler of popcorn. What else one looks for in a lazy winter afternoon?
And yes, one inescapable realisation after the film, may be for the umpteenth time though. There can be only one person in Hindi film industry who stood that tall to defy the savage blows of age. Just none else. And he came in a scene as a film within the film and also in the interval in his white bearded avatar in a commercial.

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